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Masjidul-Nur Foundation Riviersonderend

Integrated Social Development and Place of Religious Worship at Riviersonderend
Registration Number 2021/470644/08

Our Mission & Vision

Connecting People of Faith

Riviersonderend – The first stop out of Cape Town and the last stop into Cape Town on many a traveller’s journey. This location seems fitting for the establishment of a Masjid (Islamic place of worship) to cater for the needs of travellers and our local Islamic community.
Riviersonderend is also characterised by social inequalities, some a legacy of our rich South African history and other’s such as unemployment and poverty causing daily strife among residents of the sub economic township.
It is our firm belief that the Masjidul-Nur Riviersonderend Foundation can be a catalyst in connecting people of faith and be a support to the vulnerable in the town of Riviersonderend and surrounds

Brief Background:

Our aim is to develop the site we purchased 25 years ago and our intent then and now is to establish a Masjid with amenities in Riviersonderend for the local community and travellers. Our vision is for the development to include the following;

  1. Masjid (Place of worship)
  2. Madrasah (Islamic school)
  3. Community training and skills development centre
  4. Conference facilities for business and personal occasions
  5. Overnight accommodation
  6. Speciality Halaal retail space
  7. Community outreach and support centre
  8. Islamic ablution and janazah ghusl facilities
  9. Community feeding program

Phone: Aslam Levy – +27 82 973 5202

Phone: Shariefah Jassiem- +27 83 700 0742

Phone: Sadick Desai -+27 65 800 6307


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